Training Concept

The Research Training Group (RTG) intends to foster cross-disciplinary PhD research projects in an innovative field of life sciences. The RTG recognises the high demand for postdoctoral research fellows educated and experienced in the main approaches and techniques of molecular biology and medicine. While traditionally research in this field was focused on the qualitative analysis of - often oversimplified - chains of cause and effect, the need for scientists trained in the quantitative analysis of complex and/or adaptive processes in an interdisciplinary setting is continuously increasing. The main objective of the proposed RTG is to impart this key qualification to the participating PhD fellows, which makes them highly competitive for academic career and industry.

The study programme for PhD fellows of the RTG and its participating institutions includes qualification and mentoring elements. The structured study programme of the RTG is supervised by the Jena Graduate School Molecular Medicine (JSMM), which is a certified member of the Jena Graduate Academy of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Hence, the participating research teams, the RTG, the JSMM Graduate School and the Graduate Academy (GA) contribute to the doctoral fellow's qualification and mentoring.

Qualification program Qualification program Picture: DominoPlus