International Study Group on Systems Biology (ISGSB)

period of time: 04.10.2016 09:00 - 07.10.2016 13:20


Dear colleagues and students in the RTG,

this is to draw (again) your attention to the forthcoming conference of the International Study Group on Systems Biology (ISGSB), Jena, October 4-7, 2016.

For the programm and all other details, see

There will be numerous talks on stress response, e.g.:

Katrin Hübner (Heidelberg/Germany)
The alliance between intracellular Ca2+ dynamics and function in human neutrophils.

Mathias Ziegler (Bergen/Norway)

Invited talk:
The NAD matabolome - bioenergetics, signalling and emerging therapeutic applications (open free of charge to RTG members).

Alexander Schug(Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/Germany)
Inferring Co-evolution in Signaling Proteins and Regulatory RNAs by Maximum Entropy Based Approaches.

Marko Marhl (Maribor/Slovenia)
Collective Behavior of Beta Cells in Pancreatic Tissue.

Leonie Amstein (Frankfurt am Main/Germany)
Modeling of signaling pathways in complex networks.

Daniel Beard (Ann Arbor, MI/United States)
Invited talk: Mechano-energetic coupling in cardiac pumping and heart failure.

Christian Mazza (Fribourg/Switzerland)
Ultrasensitivity of multisite systems.

The deadline for early-bird registration is August 31. There will be a dedicated meeting of young researchers (YSGSB) on October 4, with introductory talks to each session and enough room for discussion.

The opening lecture by Tom A. Rapoport (Harvard): "A tribute to Reinhart Heinrich and mathematical modeling" will be open to anyone interested (no registration fee), and so will be the talk by Mathias Ziegler for all members of the RTG. We are grateful to the RTG for sponsorship.